High-Quality Financial Planning Leads

Lead Generation Done Right

Do you feel like your financial or retirement planning business has plateaued? You have the licensing, you have a solid track record, you have repeat business... if only you had more clients!

You're not alone. Most financial advisors find their business limited by lack of new prospects. We can help you solve this problem once and for all by expanding your client base with high-quality, targeted financial planning leads. Our leads are not the typical junk you get from most of the large lead agregators. We focus on generating a limited number of high-investment-amount clients that actually want your help:

  • 100% Genuine: Our leads have genuine interest in your services. They understand exactly what they're getting into. Most of them come to our site seeking financial planning advice and end up wanting to speak with an advisor.
  • 100% Exclusive: We only ever connect on lead to one advisor. This way you don't need to scramble to out-compete 8 other advisors, and our visitors are happy because they never get spammed.
  • No Cherry-Picking: We only deliver live leads, without filtering by investment amount. We have no conflict of interest because we aren't advisors ourselves.
  • Large Investment Amounts: Many of our visitors have large portfolios to manage, averaging $120,000+. These cases are worth your time to manage.
  • Generous Refund Policy: Leads with invalid contact information or who aren't interested in financial planning services are fully refundable. We consistently replace up to 40% of our leads to ensure you get quality contacts.
  • Online Portal: We provide a online portal to manage your leads. Mark bogus leads for replacement right on the spot and view your history.
  • Technical Support & Expertise: We can configure posting protocols to send leads directly to your CRM.

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How We're Different

Anyone who's bought online leads before knows that finding a quality source isn't easy. That's because most lead providers don't generate their own leads but are actually resellers, buying up leads from hundreds of sources they can't fully control. To maximize profits these companies adopt a high-churn model where their first priority is to sell you as many leads as they can regardless of quality. They do this because they can find more chump-advisors the following month. Your ROI or respect for the lead's privacy and service expecations is never a concern.

Everyone likes to say they're different, but few actually are. RetirementEgg's difference stems from our values. Our first priority is to ensure that our visitors are properly educated about financial and retirement planning. Then we help them get connected with reputable advisors across the country who can assist in implementing their financial plans. We have full control over both ends of the operation and hold ourselves to a high level of integrity. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Commitment to Providing Value: Our number one priority is providing educational material to our visitors. Not lead generation.
  • Honesty: We are up-front with visitors about how the site works. We don't trick anyone into signing-up for services they don't want or need.
  • Focus: We aren't an umbrella site; we focus exclusively on financial planning matters.
  • No Conflict of Interest: We aren't insurance salesmen or fellow advisors cherry-picking the best cases for ourselves.

We hope it's clear by now that RetirementEgg is not a typical lead provider. We are focused on sustainable business practices that serve both visitor and advisor alike.

For more information on working with RetirementEgg, or to discuss other business opportunities, Contact us Today! If you want financial or retirement planning leads with large investment amounts that really convert, give us a try.